1 Week Til’ Move-In: Packing Time

If you’re counting down, you’ve only got one week left until move in day! Starting think about how you’re going to pack everything, both in your suitcases and in your car. Think about the tiny details, like DIY projects for your room, that might get overlooked.

PACK! (Like Actually)

Get your clothes and shoes into suitcases, wrap breakable things in bubble wrap, and utilize all of the space that you have. Need more tips on how to pack, learn how to move in like a boss.

Try Some DIYs

You know those DIYs that you’ve pinned and talked about when you were going to do them, well now’s the time to actually do them. Do some projects that bring in the colors, patterns, and details of the other things in your room, like your bedding and rugs. If your friends love crafting too, invite them over for a DIY party! Need some inspiration? Here are 10 DIY’s to do before moving in.

Ship Your Boxes

Now that you have everything together, start shipping it. Some people go to schools far enough away from where they live that driving doesn’t makes sense and there’s only so much you can bring on a plane. Double (or triple) check the address to make sure it’s going to the right place and is clearly labelled with your name.

Back to School Shopping

Even though you’re not in elementary school anymore, school supplies are still a must-have. Supplies, like notebooks and binders, can sometimes be overpriced at the bookstore so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get the basics before hand.

Gather Your Toiletries

Think about the products you use on a typical day- face wash, make-up, hairspray, shampoo- and take note. Stock up before you leave, or save some space and wait to buy them until you move-in.

Share Your Address

You’ve got a new address, so share it with your friends and family. You could even subtly hint to them that care packages and letters are always appreciated.

Know The Weather

Know the weather of the town you’re moving to and pack accordingly. Also, take into account if you’re moving somewhere with weather that’s drastically different than where you live- you might need your coat earlier than you thought or snow boots will become a necessity.

Make A Move-In Kit

It is super helpful to put together a few essentials so that when you arrive on campus, you have a few things right at my fingertips:

  1. Power strips – It’s possible you won’t have enough outlets for all your gadgets.
  2. 3M Hanging Kit – damage free hanging supplies will be your best friend to ensure you get your deposit back.
  3. Damage- Free Hooks – This is another damage free essential.
  4. Washi tape – The perfect accessory for bare walls so you can frame wall art or use it as a decorative accent on desk and shelves.

That’s it! You’re packed and ready for move-in!

That’s all folks! Missed a step? Check out our 8+ Week Out Guide, our 6-8 Weeks Out Guide, or our 4-6 Weeks Out Guide to make sure you’re all caught up. Or, go to our Ultimate Freshman Planning Guide for your bird’s eye view of the summer..


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