3 Desks To Inspire Your Most Productive Year Yet

Katie //

Gold Metalist

Certain colors were just destined to be together and gold, navy, and pink are top of our list. We can’t help but love the way glamorous gold punctuates the classic quality of navy blue and pastel pink.


The subtle details like the gold-plated desk lamp and coffee mug bring the whole look together.




Organic Minimalism

It’s hard to be a hot mess with a sleek and and minimalistic desk space. Geometric forms, clean lines and simple materials are they key ingredients in this look.


Add a natural boost of energy to your space with a faux grass charging station to create the ultimate zen vibes.

Feminista Glam

Complement a girly look or create a feminine focused study space with a few pink and gold accessories.


Featuring a sleek and pastel style, shop this look to organize your papers and supplies and get into girl power mode.