4-6 Weeks ‘Til Move In: Start Shopping & Set a Budget

Time is flying and now you’re only a month and a half away from moving going to college. You’re probably excited and nervous, and maybe in need of a little guidance. Check out our freshman planning guide for your summer overview, and keep reading to see what you should be focusing on for the next couple weeks:

Roomie Love

At this point you probably know exactly who your roommate is, if you didn’t request a specific person. Reach out to them, via email, phone call, text, Facebook, etc. and start getting to know who you’re going to be living with. You guys can also start talking about what you need to buy, and who’s buying what – coordinating makes it all a lot easier.

Charge It, Please!

Before taking off for college, make sure you set up your debit and/or credit card. You’ve got to be able to buy things for yourself somehow. Download the phone app that your bank offers, so you can always check how much money is in your account. Discuss with your parents if your credit card is really “for emergencies only” (and what exactly counts as an “emergency”).

Event Planning

Start researching upcoming campus events, like sports games, sorority recruitment, and any other events you want to attend. Write them down in your planner, if you have one, or add them to the calendar in your phone so you don’t forget anything.

Talking Bank

Sit down with your parents to have an honest discussion about your finances. This includes talking about any financial aid, work study programs, weekly budgets, or if you need to get a job, on or off campus. If you decide you need or want a job, start applying soon before any of them are gone.

That’s all for now, folks! Want more? Check out our Ultimate Planning Guide, our 6-8 Weeks ‘Till Move-In Guide, or our 8+ Weeks ‘Till Move-In Guide!


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