5 Easy Ways To Create A Tumblr Room Now

Pair your new gallery wall with some acrylic and gold accents and a pop of pink for a gilded look with a touch of glamour

katlyn Tolly //

Tumblr is a hot spot to seek decor inspiration for girls of all styles. From boho to preppy, here are our top five tips to get your room looking tumblr snapshot worthy.

1. Tapestries

Say bye-bye to that bland boring wall in your bedroom. Tapestries are becoming extremely trendy because they are able to fill a room with fun colors and patterns in minutes.

2. Photo Decor

Photo garlands are a great way to personalize your room with photos of your family and friends. This organized photo holder looks great above your bed or desk.

3. Washi Tape

Washi tape is thin colorful patterned tape that can be used almost everywhere to enhance your decor. Whether it be your keyboard, your notebooks, or framing prints, the multi-use tape is perfect for any occasion.

4. Magazine Cutouts

Magazine word cut-outs are not only great for inspiration and motivation but they can also be used for wall art. Get some scissors and glue and start customizing your own magazine cut-outs to amp up your room decor.

5. String Lights

String lights have to ability to flip the switch by turning any room cute, cozy and tumblr worthy. You can wrap the lights around furniture in your room or hang them above your bed so that every night feels like it’s filled with stars.

katlyn Tolly

Hi everyone! My name is Katlyn and I am a freshman at Columbia College Chicago studying journalism and marketing communications. I am currently a contributing writer for the Prospect, social media manager for the Smart Girls Group, and a community member for USA TODAY College. In my free time you will most likely find me exploring the streets of Chicago, obsessing over the latest fashion trends, or crafting DIY projects that I stumble across on the internet. I would describe my personal style as feminine, urban and artsy. I love to experiment with pops of color and different textures. Dormify has massively helped me with decorating inspiration through my first semester of living in a dorm. I am very thankful and enthusiastic to have the incredible opportunity to intern with Dormify and look forward to learning from my experiences.