How to Make Your Room Feel Like a 5-Star Hotel

Hannah Blaze //

Follow these helpful tips to make your room feel like the ultimate getaway!

Luxurious Linens

To begin turning your room into a total oasis, you need to start off with a gorgeous duvet. We recommend either the Loft or Chelsea Hotel Duvet, both being very crisp, clean, and luxurious looking. Because both are also very neutral, you can really choose any pop of color to complete the look through accent pillows and throw blankets. Light pinks or blues would both be perfect for these styles!

Table Talk

Give your side table the ultimate upgrade. Create a statement piece with the Cube Storage Trunks as a table and have it double as the perfect storage bin. Or if you want a more sleek look, opt for something like our Wooden Tray Table with a Glass Top. The gold metallic finish screams glamour, and the lower wooden shelf is perfect for additional bedside storage.

Shine Bright

To help your side table pop even more, make sure to add some statement lighting. Lamps not only brighten up your room, but they make great decor pieces as well. Our favorites for a hotel vibe would definitely be the Gold Stud Lamp for glam look or the Marble Lamp for a modern twist. Finish off your table with a jewelry holder filled with accessories, a stack of trendy fashion magazines, or even a tray to hold a cute coffee mug and a pile of your favorite books.

Picture This

A total must in any chic hotel room is a collection of framed pictures. Try to keep them modern, minimalistic, and cohesive throughout. This will ensure that they really bring the room together instead of making it look too busy and cluttered. Some of our favorites include our new trendy black and white framed pieces as well as the Gold Glam Gallery Wall Set. Create one large statement piece, or place them throughout on both yours and your roomies side for a more simple look.

Overall, the key to ensuring that your dorm looks like a room straight out of the Ritz Carlton is by keeping the design cohesive, simplistic, and glamorous. Keep the color scheme simple, and make sure to include proper storage pieces to guarantee that it never looks too cluttered. Design rules, however, are meant to be broken, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it either. Be creative and innovative, and find a look that’s perfect for you! You will be living a life of luxury (well, as luxurious as a dorm can get)  in no time!

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