5 Ways To Style A Tapestry

Dorms and small apartments are full of boring white walls. Make your walls ballin' with in one swift fix with these wall tapestries.

Caitlin Rubin //

Your tapestry is a strong and independent wall hanging… don’t limit its possibilities! That stretch of fabric is so much more than just a pop of color– get ready for a tapestry makeover.

1. The Classic

Of course, the classic tapestry goes on the wall. This is an insanely easy way to cover up a LOT of white space. Use it on the wall behind your bed like in the photo below and be one wall closer to decoration perfection.

2. Window Blinds

Too much light interrupting your beauty sleep? We’ve been there. Tack your tapestry up over the window to create blinds in your favorite pattern.

3. Picnic Table or Beach Towel

Never underestimate the usefulness of a good picnic blanket. College means quads, greens, and music festivals– and scratchy, wet grass is about as fun as a 9 a.m.

3. Cover the Bed

For those of use who aren’t quite so DIY inclined, simply lay a tapestry over your existing bedspread to lend new life to your room

5. Create A Headboard

Your college issued bed most definitely will not have a cute headboard (or even a headboard at all). Fake it ’till you make it by hanging a tapestry behind your bed for the same effect.


Caitlin Rubin

Hi! I'm Caitlin, and I'm a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Lido Beach, NY, I have a weakness for coastal decor (think blues and seashells) and love summers at the beach. On campus, I'm a member of Alpha Phi and on board for a children's theater company called Stimulus Children's Theater. Stimulus works with a tight budget- so DIY has always been the name of the game. I've made everything from bee wings to giant pencils to magician's capes out of duct tape, wire hangars and a can of paint! Take Tim Gunn's "make it work" as your mantra and there's nothing you can't create. So get ready-- with a little DIY and a little help from Dormify -- I'll help your dorm become as ~flawless~ as you are.