6-8 Weeks ‘Til Move-in: Planning It Out

You’re now fully invested in your summer plans, but don’t forget about the big change that’s coming your way. Go find those old notebooks and take note of what you should be thinking about for the next few weeks:

New Email, Who Dis?

If your school has sent you directions, set up your new college email. This is how they’ll send you information about class registration, upcoming events, move-in day, and so many other things, so make sure you check it! Log in every few days or set the account up on your phone so it’s even easier to get to.

(Design) Plan It Out

Your dorm room is where you’ll go at the end of everyday. It’s where you’ll spend all night writing a paper, where you’ll do movie marathons with your friends, and where you’ll, undoubtedly, take a nap when you want to avoid all of your responsibilities, so make it great! Head over to Design Plan to get some help from the experts.


Come face to face with your first experience of budgeting before you start buying anything. Sit down with your parents and figure out just how much you’re going to spend on dorm and school supplies. Figure it out beforehand, not while you’re in the adding to your cart online.

Bedding Bliss

Begin to shop for your bedding, taking into account the colors, patterns, designs, and anything else that matters to you. This is where the Pinterest board that you made a few weeks ago comes into play, by helping you decide what theme to stick with when buying your items (i.e. beddingsheetstapestriesbigger wall prints).

Buy Big

While you’re deciding what bedding to buy, you should also be thinking about all of the “bigger items” you’re going to need, like trunksrugspillows, etc. Take into account the same colors and designs that you were looking at before for your bedding. At this time, you should also see if you can have thing mailed directly to your dorm’s mail room for pick-up on move-in day. This is important if you’re flying to school, or if you have a small car that can’t fit everything you’re planning on bringing.

Your College Lifeline

Start checking out laptops (if you’re getting a new one) online or in different stores. If you’re not, make sure the one you have is working properly. Figure out if you want a Mac or a PC, and check if your college recommends one or the other. Decide what features you want and which one will be best for you before dropping all that money. Once you pick one, start playing around with it and getting it set up before you leave, just in case there’s any problems. Don’t forget a cute case, too!

See you next time for weeks 4-6!


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