8 Weeks ‘Til Move In: Just Getting Started

High school is officially behind you- you’ve probably thrown away all of your class notes, lost your yearbook under a pile of clothes, and forgotten what you even did with your cap and gown. A great summer is waiting for you, whether you spend it under a beach umbrella, working the day away, or lounging on the couch, in the throes of a Netflix binge. Your freshman year is waiting for you, just on the other side of your summer break. It might look a little scary from where you’re sitting (new people, new places, new classes, oh my!), but don’t worry! Our Freshman Planning Guide is here to make your transition from confident senior to nervous freshman as easy as possible!

8 weeks from your college move-in day, here’s what you should be checking off your ‘To Do’ list:

Make a List

Start thinking about what to include on your packing list. Check out your college’s website for a list of the things they recommend you bring and print out Dormify’s ultimate college checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.

…And Know Your Limits

At the same time, you should also look to see what your college says you can’t bring to your dorm room. Many school don’t allow students to have candles, microwaves, toasters, and other things like that, but it varies based on your school. Read through what they say you can’t have, even if it’s not the most exciting piece of literature, before you pack any of it in with all your stuff. It’s better to know now then to find out later when you get in trouble during a room check.

Meeting Your Classmates

Join your college class’ Facebook page, or whatever platform they use, to start getting to know who you’ll be going to school with. Feel free to ask questions (or see what questions other new students have asked), hear about upcoming events on campus, see suggestions that other people make about the school year or move-in day, and get ready for the school year!

Laundry: The Next Task To Conquer

Get together with your parents, a friend, or even a YouTube video to learn how to do laundry. It’s really not that bad, but it is a necessity for your new life away from home. A tip (as cliche as it might be): always look out for the piece of red clothing, hiding in the big pile of white clothes. You’ll thank us later.

Shut Up and Drive (Or Not)

Think about if you want to bring a car with you to campus, or if you won’t really need it. Some schools don’t let freshman have cars on campus, and some campuses are set up so that you don’t even need a car to get everywhere you want to go. Head to your school’s website to see what it says. If you decide to bring your car, make sure you fill out any paperwork needed for parking permits, and do it before the deadline!

Let’s Talk About Roommates

Most of the time when you go to college, you don’t know anyone else there. If you don’t know anyone that you would want to live with, go random with your room assignment. It can always work out that they become one of your best friends. If you do know someone, whether they’re on a team with you or went to your high school, think about if you really want to live with them (i.e. do you want to see them that much?). You can always use your school Facebook as a way to meet a roommate too.

Orientation Registration

If your school requires you to, make sure you sign up for orientation day. It could be done in different sessions over the summer or during the first week of school, just make sure that you are there.

Looking For Inspiration

Start thinking about how you want your dorm room to look. Search Pinterest for ideas of colors, decor, or DIYs and definitely check out Dormify’s Pinterest page for even more inspiration. If you already know who your roommate is going to be, include them in the search too. It’s a good way for you to get to know each other, and to try and coordinate (or not), no matter how far apart you are.

Pick A Meal Plan

Going to college, unfortunately, means no more home cooking, but you do still have to eat everyday. Check out your college’s website and see what meal plans are offered. Discuss with your parents which one you think will be best for you. Later on, if you get sick of dining hall food, make yourself healthy power breakfast or some indulge in some dorm friendly mug desserts.


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