Small Space Solutions We Swear By

Use Multifunctional Storage

Storage ottomans are perfect for storing many items in a very discreet yet trendy way. They are the perfect multifunctional product, ideal for additional seating in your space as well as acting as the perfect stepping stool for hopping onto a lofted bed or reaching that top shelf in your closet.



Maximize Closet Space

Adequate closet and dresser space is so important to any fashionista. However, you most likely won’t find it in a small room. Purchasing products like a hanging cube are an ideal solution for the issue. Look for products that can help you utilize the space in the most efficient manner. The hanging cube is great to add additional shelving without compromising any actual hanging space.


Other favorites are the over the door shoe racks and under the bed storage bins. Use under the bed bins to store bulky winter coats/sweaters and swap them out for summer clothes in the warmer months. This will help open up plenty of space in your closet which means all the more reason to go shopping!! Shoe racks are great as well because it opens up more floor space in your closet to store other large objects.

Eliminate Your Side Table

Yes, there is no denying that a cute side table can add so much style and charm to your room. But when valuable floor space is at stake, sometimes you have to make a few compromises. I am here to say though that those compromises can still be just as trendy!


Instead of using a bulky side table, incorporate a product like a caddy, or even install floating shelves. You can still have all of your essentials right at your side, all while opening up the room.


Create Functional Wall Displays

It is important to maximize your wall space when living in tight quarters. Use products like Command™ ledges to stack and create a stylish gallery wall with books, picture frames, keys, etc.


You can also use your walls as storage for your favorite accessories. Install a product like Command™ hooks on your wall to place hats, scarves, bags, and necklaces. You can get creative and turn your favorite accessories into a focal point while creating extra open space.

Make The Most of Your Desk Space

A well organized desk is the key to a productive work session. My advice is less is more. A cluttered desk is only going to be distracting and really make the entire room look smaller. By incorporating things like storage boxes into your desk decor, you can hide any small miscellaneous papers, books, or trinkets to give it a cleaner, more organized look.


A desk riser is also the perfect tool to add additional space to your desk by giving you two levels to organize your products on instead of one. Place your storage box underneath, and put more decorative pieces on top to create a chic multi-leveled display that looks clean and organized.



Overall, there are so many ways to transform your small space into a trendy, clutter free masterpiece. My best tip is go with a more minimalistic approach that will truly make your room feel bigger than you ever thought possible in a small space. Utilize all aspects of the room and never be afraid to get a little innovative. You never know what you’ll come up with!

How to Style the Painted Medallion Duvet Three Ways

Needless to say, your bedding says a lot about you. Whether you’re fun and girly or bold and bohemian, your bed is a place all your own and you want it to look and feel just like you. Changing the vibe of our Painted Medallion duvet to fit your personal style is easy and fun. Get inspired with these four looks!

1. Sweet & Chic

Your fashion choices reflect a lot about you, and your bedding should too! You’ll feel right at home when you come home to this sweet & chic room after a long day of brunch and shopping! Get girly with hints of pink and gold. Adding a faux fur throw gives off a super glam vibe – perfect for any fashionista!


Our painted medallion duvet set styled with a tan fringe pillow, a fuzzy body pillow, and some wall prints

2. Wild & Free

Dreaming of your next adventure? If you’re a free spirit who loves to daydream, you’ll rest easy in this wild & free room! Your painted medallion duvet will give off bohemian vibes by adding soft neutrals and fringe pillows. You’ll find yourself in a state of wanderlust 24/7 in this room.


3. Surf Shack

The sea is calling! Bring the high tides and good vibes straight to your room with this surf shack look! Transport yourself to the sand & surf with an ombre throw and decor in shades of blue. In this room, it’ll feel like a beach day every day!

Our painted medallion duvet set styled with our namast'ay in bed pillow, silver foil hamsa pillow, ombre knit throw, and some wall prints for a surf shack look
Purple Painted Medallion Duvet in Dorm Room

4. Happy Hippie

What’s a hippie without hamsa? School is stressful enough, so you’ll want your space to be as relaxing as possible. This bed becomes instantly cozy with faux fur pillows and an ombre throw. Adding purple and silver accents to your painted medallion duvet gives off calming vibes worth meditating over.


How to Create the Coziest Room Ever, On a Budget…

Think you have to sacrifice comfort for a chic look? Think again. Pair plush accessories with soft hues to create a stylish, cozy space that you will never want to leave. Here are 7 ways to create the comfiest room ever while staying on a budget. Warning: You may never want to get out of bed.

There is nothing better than sinking into a cozy comfortable bed. Experience a great night’s sleep and wrap yourself in this soft, luxurious white down comforter. The premium white down fill creates extra warmth while keeping you comfortable and cozy all year long.

Fall asleep under a starry night with string lights! Drape them across your wall, frame your desk, or wrap your bed posts for that soft and cozy ambiance.

A multi-functional and chic furry rug is the perfect (and softest) addition to any small space dweller looking to elevate design in a big way. Place it next to your bed and let your feet enjoy the furry sensations. Get creative and layer two accent rugs for an even cozier look.

There is no such thing as too many pillows. Add pillows along the wall of your bed to create a plush day bed or use euro shams throughout your room as a nightstand or pouf to lounge in.

Soft hues are the key to creating a tranquil space. Pairing cream and grays with delicate pinks is our favorite color palette this season. Cuddle up in the Classically Cozy Room inspired by and designed for sweatpants enthusiasts.

Anything that adds softness and texture will make your bedroom a relaxing oasis. A neutral colored knit fringed pillow or an over-sized mongolian faux fur pillow will instantly add cozy vibes to your space.

Nothing says “cozy” quite like curling up under a soft throw blanket.

5 Ways To Style A Tapestry

Your tapestry is a strong and independent wall hanging… don’t limit its possibilities! That stretch of fabric is so much more than just a pop of color– get ready for a tapestry makeover.

1. The Classic

Of course, the classic tapestry goes on the wall. This is an insanely easy way to cover up a LOT of white space. Use it on the wall behind your bed like in the photo below and be one wall closer to decoration perfection.

2. Window Blinds

Too much light interrupting your beauty sleep? We’ve been there. Tack your tapestry up over the window to create blinds in your favorite pattern.

3. Picnic Table or Beach Towel

Never underestimate the usefulness of a good picnic blanket. College means quads, greens, and music festivals– and scratchy, wet grass is about as fun as a 9 a.m.

3. Cover the Bed

For those of use who aren’t quite so DIY inclined, simply lay a tapestry over your existing bedspread to lend new life to your room

5. Create A Headboard

Your college issued bed most definitely will not have a cute headboard (or even a headboard at all). Fake it ’till you make it by hanging a tapestry behind your bed for the same effect.


How To Style A Desk 3 Ways: The Blogger, The Fashionista & The Bohemian

You are an ambitious go-getter who likes to GSD and your desk is probably a space you spend a lot more time in than you’d like to admit. Adding some major style into your workplace will definitely improve those long days and nights working or studying. So whether you’re an aspiring blogger or all about the simple things, get inspired with these productive and pretty spaces.

1. The Blogger

Classic style with a modern twist, this desk space is made for the aspiring blogger with fun yet coordinating taste. Pair vibrant accessories with simple desk organizers and gold accents for a bright and creative look.


2. The Fashionista

Channel your inner fashionista with classic black and white paired with pale pinks and gold accents. This gilded look will make you feel like the ultimate girl boss.


3. The Bohemian

Transport yourself right into the distinct styling of festivals like Coachella with natural hues and copper accents. This free-spirited vibe will keep you motivated and calm even through those dreaded all-nighters.


How To Move In Like A Boss

This is the best advice you’ll ever get on packing for college – trust me, after four years of this, I’m a pro. You wont get any advice here about how to not overpack, but I will tell you how to overpack well.

1. Don't Bring A Ton of Suitcases


First of all, when I see people pack in suitcases, I literally go insane. How many suitcases do you need while in college? I don’t bring any for move-in, but most people only need one. Packing your stuff in suitcases only causes extra unnecessary bulk. Besides, they’re heavy and not easy to load and unload AND when you get there you have to unpack… I’m trying to minimize the time you spend doing stuff, so here’s what you do…


Buy Ziploc storage bags in XL and XXL (you can find them in Target and Walmart). Fold stuff that will be going in your drawers at college and place in Ziploc bag. Put stuff that’s going in the same drawer together. The bags are super easy to put into the car, adjust to the shape of the car, and when you get to college, just take the stuff out (it’s already folded!) and place in drawers! The XXL bags are also amazing for pillows, comforters and blankets/throws.

2. Use Garment Bags


All of your freshly dry-cleaned stuff is wrinkled by move-in time.


Buy garment bags or you can even use large trash bags. Place hanging items in the bags. Once you’ve loaded the car with all your other stuff, place garment bags on top. Take garment bags out and hang in the closet. Unzip or rip the bags at your convenience.

3. Multi-functional Storage


You don’t know where to put all the little accessories and make-up you need so it doesn’t get lost and is easy to unpack.


Here, there are multiple strategies. One, I use these storage carts with drawers at college and at home. I keep socks, etc. in one and accessories such as belts, sunglasses, and jewelry in the other. They roll, so just organize, roll into car, out of car and place in dorm! No unpacking, and everything is in place.

I also love these big bins. I use them to store towels and sheets at college, but for the trip over, I store the linens in a Ziploc, and put all my toiletries and makeup in the bin. All of the toiletries and makeup are already organized in smaller bins and bags, so it’s really easy to just take them out and place them in the dorm.

And finally, for my bags and shoes, I pack them in boxes and totes. I keep all of my bags and some of my shoes in dust bags year round, so I pack the bags and shoes I wear least in these super cute cloth storage boxes from the Container Store. They zip up and fit under your bed for easy access, so no unpacking there! (You can also put a sticky note on them so you know what’s in each box!)

The Ultimate Freshman Planning Guide

Summer is almost here, and with its arrival come beach days, long nights, bonfires, and lasting memories with friends and family. But, perhaps the most exciting part of this summer—getting ready for your first year of college! This fall, you’ll embark on a completely new adventure—not the same school whose halls you’ve walked everyday for four years. With it comes the chance to meet new people, experience new places, and make new memories along the way. It’s exciting, but we know it can be both intimidating and a bit overwhelming.

We’ve all been there. College is an opportunity to learn about yourself, but it doesn’t come without a little struggle here and there. Having come out the other end of those wonderful four years with only a couple bumps and bruises, we at Dormify will be here to help you prepare for the next phase of your life. We’re back with our third annual Ultimate Freshman Planning Guide, and there have been a few key changes since last year’s edition.

The guide is broken down week by week, demonstrating what should be tackled within each time frame. It covers everything from your last few weeks of senior year to your last week at home before move-in day. We’ll post and elaborate upon each step on our blog throughout the summer, giving you a broken down and detailed guide to starting your freshman year in one piece. Make sure to check in periodically so you don’t miss any valuable tips and tricks!

Happy planning!

Download the full Freshman Planning Guide below and make sure to sign-up for our email list to get all the updates straight to your inbox!

Days Before: It’s Officially Go Time

Move-In Day is almost here. Now’s the time to bring back that packing list that you created at the beginning of the summer and make sure that you have everything you want and need. And most importantly, get excited for the next four years!

Orientation Day

Have everything that you’ll need (or you think you’ll need) ready to go. Know where it is because there’s nothing worse than waking up and realizing that it’s still in a box you haven’t unpacked yet.

Traveling Lightly

Check that all of your stuff fits into your car, suitcase, or boxes.

Don’t Forget!

Buy extra hangers. You’ll need them. Seriously.

Picture It!

Print out the pictures that you want to display in your dorm room. Maybe their pictures of your family, pictures of you and your friends from senior year, or photos from your epic summer. Either way, hang them up so you have a little piece of home with you at school!

Your College Bucket List

Make a bucket list of all the things you want to do in the next 4 years! Include things that you’ve always wanted to do, but have been putting off, or things that are specific to your college. The best part? You can keep updating it as you think of more things you want to do!

Last Goodbyes

Say goodbye, or better yet, just see you later! Get together with all of your friends for one last party before you all go off to your new schools! Get dressed up and go out, or stay in for a cozy movie night, whatever it is you guys want to do before you split up.

Whether you’ve spent time away from your parents before, shared a room with someone else, stayed up till sunrise writing a paper, or accidentally let six hours slip away while talking to a friend, college is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. It’s the greatest and scariest time of your life, a time where you’ll learn as much about yourself (even in the first few days!) as you’ve ever learned in your entire life. You’ll laugh, cry, dance, scream, and seriously surprise yourself with how much you can get done when it really comes down to it. Taylor Swift probably describes what college will make you feel like best: happy, free, and confused at the same time. But there’s no need to freak out – we’re here to help you get ready for the best four years of your life!

Still have questions? Check out Dormify’s College Freshman Planning Guide for any other questions you might have, or comment below!