Step Inside Jordana Schrager’s Chic Flatiron Apartment

The Basics


Name: Jordana Schrager


Career: Founder & designer @by_jordana


Location: Flatiron, NYC


How long have you lived here?


6 months


You live with…


My bff!


Your favorite part of your apartment?


The location


How did your artistic nature influence your home decor?


So in a lot fo the custom sneakers, and shoes and accessories are design they’re really fun, colorful, and exciting and although my apartment has a lot of neutral tones there’s a lot of exciting accessories to jazz it up.


What inspired this look for the apartment?


I didn’t really know how I wanted to style the apartment, so I scrolled through instagram a lot and alot talked to my friends and sisters who have amazing style and gave me great advice.


Shades of the same color or neutrals with bright pops?



Neutrals with pops of color!


How did your artistic nature influence your home decor?


So in a lot fo the custom sneakers, and shoes and accessories are design they’re really fun, colorful, and exciting and although my apartment has a lot of neutral tones there’s a lot of exciting accessories to jazz it up.


What inspired this look for the apartment?


I didn’t really know how I wanted to style the apartment, so I scrolled through instagram a lot and alot talked to my friends and sisters who have amazing style and gave me great advice.


Shades of the same color or neutrals with bright pops?



Neutrals with pops of color!

The Bedroom


Favorite restaurant in Flatiron, NYC?


AbcV, I’m a vegetarian, and the food is amazing!


Favorite cup of coffee in Flatiron, NYC?


I go to birch every morning to get my iced coffee.


Favorite hidden gem in Flatiron, NYC?


The best part of Flatiron is walking through Madison Square Park!

Step Inside Olivia Muenter’s Upper East Side Oasis

The Basics


Name:  Olivia Muenter


Career: Fashion & beauty editor @bustle


Location: Upper East Side, NYC


How long have you lived here?


1 year


You live with…




Your favorite part of your apartment?



The Living Room


Favorite things:


  • One of the most unique parts of my apartment is that we have a working fireplace and we actually use it especially because it has been so cold out lately.


  • Our little sitting area has this amazing super soft blanket with braided detail and I’m obsessed with it! I also have all of my books, which I’ve color coordinated and I think it adds to the brightness of the space.


  • I love using bright rugs to add color to the apartment and these are actually two of my favorite parts of the entire space!

The Bedroom


  • One of my favorite ways to dress up an apartment heater is to decorate with photos with gold frames and a cool jewelry holder which I use to take my jewelry off right after work.


  • My dresser slash vanity area is where I keep all of my beauty products that I get at work since I’m a beauty editor. I also have a ton on my dresser because I clearly have a problem.


  • I love my duvet cover from Dormify. I was looking for something clean, but also comfortable and fluffy and it was just the perfect mix of everything that I wanted. I just added a pink pillow for a little bit of color.


  • Maybe the best part of my apartment is that it has an outdoor area which is ridiculously hard to find in New York City. We set it up with some lights and some seats and a little bar cart.



How does your experience in fashion and beauty influence your taste in home decor?


So because of my experience in fashion and beauty, I’m less afraid to try sort of wacky things in my apartment which makes it a lot more fun.


What was most important to you when creating this space?


We really wanted this space to be as cozy and as comfortable as possible.


Where did you get your design inspiration from


I love following Elsie Larson from the A Beautiful Mess blog. Her style is so bright and eclectic!


Do you task rabbit or do it yourself?



I definitely say DIY. I love doing weird projects. I spray painted this brackets for my bookshelf gold and I love it!


Real plants or fake plants?



I like both, but I would say real plants because I like the challenge of keeping them alive.


Outdoor space or closet space?



Because we have a dog, I would definitely say outdoor space.


Big kitchen or big bathroom?



I don’t have a big kitchen or a big bathroom, so I would take whatever we could get. But I would say big kitchen because I like to cook.


Favorite restaurant on the Upper East Side?


AOC east is a restaurant that’s right around the corner from my apartment and they have one dollar oysters all the time. I absolutely love it!


Favorite cup of coffee on the Upper East Side?


I drink a lot of coffee so for quantity over quality, I would say the coffee from my own kitchen.


Favorite hidden gem on the Upper East Side?


So there’s this German restaurant called Heidelberg which is really old and really weird but it’s delicious and they have great beer.


Thanks for touring my apartment!  I had a lot of fun and I hope you guys liked it 🙂


Instagram: @oliviamunter

Step Inside Courtney Ratner’s West Village Loft

The Basics

Name: Courtney Ratner


Career: Brand Coordinator @weworewhat @secondskinoveralls


Location: West Village, NYC


How long have you lived here?


Almost 1 year


You live with…


My Boyfriend


Your favorite part of your apartment?


The huge windows!

The Living Room

I really wanted to create a cozy space because this is where I spend most of my time in my loft. You can see I used a lot of neutral colors and I had a white couch.


Going with neutral colors, and I tried to mix it up with different textures of my pillows and my rugTo add some texture to this chair, I draped a little mongolian rug over it. It’s so soft and amazing!


I’m also obsessed with plants so I bought as many fake plants as I could. My favorite is the banana leaf plant. But I also love this cactus neon light that I got from dormify. And I have some plants in the corner, and some more fake plants in the window.


I love out little eating area and our workspace. I love this fake plant charging station its amazing, and I also added another little rug on my chair to add some texture.




All the photos in the apartment, I bought off the street in New York by photographers. These two pieces are vintage Barbie and Kent and they’re awesome, I love them.


Another great thing about this apartment is that my kitchen is just hidden behind this door. So I can just close it and hide all the mess when I cook!

The Bedroom

So as you walk upstairs it’s our bedroom, and as you can see, I kept the colors super neutral like downstairs. And it’s actually a loft so you can see the living room from my bedroom which is awesome!


All of our pillows are from Dormify. I love everything faux fur and my throws are the softest! I could literally live in it. It’s amazing!


How is your style in fashion and home decor similar?


I would say that my sense in fashion and home decor is very similar. I always wear neutral colors, usually just jeans and a t-shirt, and all black as you can see.


So similar to fashion I mix a lot of highs and lows. Like this couch was an investment piece, but a lot of my accessories I get off the streets of new york or places like dormify!


What’s on the wishlist for your apartment?


So the next thing that I’m looking to do in this apartment is create a gallery wall for this huge wall and find a lot of cool art pieces.


Big closet or big counter space for makeup in your bathroom?


I personally don’t have a big closet or a big counter space in this apartment. But I would definitely rather have a big closet for all of my clothes!

Big bedroom or big living room?


So for me my space is kinda unique cuz my bedroom is upstairs. But I think it’s super important to have a big living space. I live with my boyfriend and we always have people over just to hangout and watch TV.


Small apartment prime location or big apartment and not as prime location?


Definitely small apartment and good location. 100 percent!


Neutrals or bright colors?


Obviously neutrals!


That’s a wrap! Thanks so much for coming over, you can dm apt by dormify if you have any more questions.


Instagram: @courtney_ratner

4 Apartment Looks That You Will Want To Recreate

We know it can be overwhelming to move into your first real apartment after graduating. Don’t let those bare walls and furniture-less rooms get you down! To take the guesswork out of styling your new small space, we’ve tapped Dormify experts to reveal the top trending apartment looks they’re loving right now.


Clean lines, modern details, muted color palettes, and a good plant accent are the key design elements to create the look of this modern luxe apartment. It is modern and stylish, with just enough of an edge to keep things interesting and comfortable.


Step into the good life in this neo-traditional space that mixes traditional silhouettes with modern accents. The pop of subtle blue hues paired with the warmth of neutral furniture creates the perfect space to kick back and relax.


The pink accents sprinkled throughout a neutral palette, a beautifully golden frame gallery set, and gilded accent pieces lend a glam and timeless element to this bachelorette bad. This sophisticated style is for a true girl’s girl.


From industrial furniture to dark finishes, we can’t get enough of the suave and gentlemanly sense of sophistication of this space. Create the look in your own home by incorporating dark hues, wood finishes, mixed metal accents, and comfortable accessories.

Step Inside Hannah’s Bohemian Bungalow

City Life

Tell us where you are living this summer! How did you find out about it?

I’m staying at NYU summer housing! I had no idea where to begin when it came to finding a place to stay in the city, so I really just searched around on Google for the best options for students with internships in NYC!


Tell us about your dorm location?

My dorm is in an amazing location. You are right in between Greenwich Village and East Village, and an easy 10 minute walk from some of the best shopping you will ever experience in SoHo!! It seriously could not get any better.


How did you find out about the Dormify internship and what was your favorite part of working for dormify?

I found out about the Dormify internship while scrolling through the Internship section on College Fashionista! Overall, working for Dormify was an unreal experience and I loved every second of it, but my favorite part was definitely whenever we did photoshoots!


If someone was coming to NYC for only a weekend what would you tell them to do?

My biggest word of advice is to not try and do too much! As amazing as the city is, if you try to squeeze absolutely every attraction into two days time, you will be way too exhausted to actually enjoy yourself. My top picks for things to do here include: shopping in SoHo, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, having a picnic in Central Park, and exploring the Whitney Museum.

Dorm Life

You were only living in your NYC dorm for a short amount of time. Any tips on easy ways to make your space feel like home?

I definitely tried to incorporate a good amount of decor from both my dorm room, as well as my room at home to make it feel more comforting and homey!


Living in a room with three people, how did you make your bed and section of the room your own and separate from your roommates? How do you incorporate your own personal style?

I would have to say my personal style is very minimalistic and boho, and I really tried to incorporate that through the use of muted and neutral colors, as well as plenty of texture! I think a good tip for incorporating your own style while still keeping it cohesive with your roomies style is by both including a few matching throw pillows or decor pieces. This way, you can be totally unique in most aspects, but the room still feels tied together.


What was your favorite part of your dorm room?

Definitely my bed!! There is nothing I love more than falling into a million throw pillows and snuggling up in my cozy blanket after a long day of exploring the city.


What advice would you give to future students planning on living in NYC for the summer?

The biggest downfall of staying in my dorm is the fact that there is no kitchen or fridge available. NYU requires you to have a partial meal plan in this situation, but I still have to pay for a large majority of my meals out of pocket, and that has added up super quickly. I would definitely suggest trying to find housing with a kitchen because it will totally save you a large amount of money in the long run!

Step 3: College Life

Is your dorm decor at Miami University similar or different?

For the most part my rooms were pretty similar! I think my room at Miami definitely had a beachier, more Cali vibe, whereas my room here is more boho, but as I said earlier, I definitely tried to incorporate a lot of decor from my previous room in here!


Tips for living with roommates in such small spaces?

It can definitely be hard at times living with multiple other people, but I think the biggest tip I can give is to just be respectful and considerate of each other and accept that compromises will have to be made!


What is your favorite part about living in a dorm in college?

It’s so nice always having people around! Back at Miami, the girls on my floor had a huge group chat and we would constantly text each other funny things we saw around campus, or to check if anyone wanted to go grab food somewhere. This coming year, all the girls in my sorority are living on the same floor, so I’m really excited to see how that goes!


What pillow best matches your personality?

I would have to say the Maya Knit Pillow! It has such a cool, boho, laid-back vibe, and I totally think that exemplifies my personality.

Did your style in college change from your style in high school?

Honestly, not really! I think my biggest style change happened around sophomore or junior year of high school, and I have really only noticed minor differences ever since. I think if anything I’ve begun taking a more minimalistic approach to things, but overall, I think my style has kept the same vibe!


What was the most useful product that you purchased for college?

This is really random, but actually an air mattress! I lived in a single at Miami and I would always have friends or my mom come visit and just sleep on that! Everyone on my floor would always ask to borrow it for when their friends came to visit as well. It was seriously so nice to have.


Looking back, what would you tell to your high school self?

I would tell her to stop worrying about her future so much, because it’s always going to work out in the end! You just have to let life take its course, and whatever is meant to be will find its way. There is absolutely no reason to stress over the small things!

Step Inside Lindsay’s NYC Laidback Luxe Room

City Life

Tell us about your space! How did you find summer housing?

After researching summer housing options in the city, the NYU dorms seemed like the best choice for me. They have so many buildings in a variety of areas around the city and my older sister lived in the NYU dorms when she was my age!


The building I was placed in luckily has apartment style housing – which means we have a full kitchen and dining area in our unit! The apartment also has two bedrooms and each room has 2 beds. I am rooming with one of my best friends from back home!


Where are you interning at?

I am a DJ intern at z100!


What are your favorite spots in the city so far?

There are so many! Madison Square Park is one of my favorite places to sit outside and meet my friends for lunch during the week, since it’s super close to my dorm. I also love trying different restaurants around the city, my new obsession is Ivan Ramen. And for shopping, & Other Stories has the cutest stuff!

Dorm Life

What was your thought process while picking out what to put in your room?

I always am drawn to simplistic styles, and so is my roommate. We loved the Soft Wash and the Loft duvet covers since they are simple, but stylish. From there we decided on a white and grey theme and met in the middle with blue accessories to liven it up.


Any tips for coordinating with your roommate?

Decide on a common color. I think it helps to pick out pillows and accessories in the same color but, different styles. This can make your space feel coordinated but, not too matchy matchy.


What do you think is the key to maximizing the space in a dorm room?

The first thing I do to maximize space in my dorm is switch up the furniture to find the best layout. For this dorm, we decided on an L-shape as we felt it gave us the most space and opened up the room. I’ve also learned that getting creative with storage can help! I decided to display some of my accessories and jewelry on hooks and shelves, which opened up extra room in my closet!


What’s your favorite part of your room?

I love the wall decor we chose. The wall gallery is always the first thing you notice when you walk in and we always get compliments on it. I think it’s cool when you use a combination of different materials in a collage, it makes it look authentic and not so perfect.  


Step 3: College Life

Is your dorm decor at University of Florida any different?

It’s similar in the sense that my decor was simplistic. I had a white duvet cover at school but, instead of having blue accents, like I do now, I accented with muted pink tones. I like having a basic duvet because it gives me the ability to change up my look with different accessories depending on my style of the moment!


What advice would you give to your freshman year self?

Don’t be afraid to do things out of your comfort zone, like rush for a Sorority or join a club that focuses on something you’re interested in. I also would say have an open mind when it comes to making new friends! Try and befriend people you usually wouldn’t.


If you could describe your taste in decor in three words, what would they be?

Comfy, Fun, Classic.


Have a favorite DIY?

I love my Sunglasses shelves. Not only does it look clean and pretty but, it helped me maximize the minimal storage space I have in this dorm!

Dorm Tour: Keighla’s Stylish and Feminine Room

Roomie Life

How did you meet your roommate?

My roommate Marissa and I met last semester while we were studying abroad – we were randomly assigned roommates and got super lucky! We were given the option to change roommates in each country we traveled to, but we became such good friends so we stuck together the whole time. Now we still live together back in New York!

How has living with your roommate been beneficial?

I’ve had different roommates every year up until now (I’m a Junior!), and I have made some amazing friends and memories in every situation. When you live with a roommate, you always have someone to study, hang out, and grab midnight pizza with!

Dorm Life

Did you work together with your roommate to decorate your space?

Marissa and I are definitely have different styles. I am more girly and she has more of a bohemian style. We made collaborative Pinterest board so we could get a better idea of what we both liked for our room.

We decided to go neutral with grey and white, plus small pops of pink. That way I get my pink and she gets a more simple look!

Dorms can be so small! Any space saving tips you live by?

One of the best ways to maximize your space is to utilize multi-purpose decor. We have a rolling storage unit between our beds that acts as a nightstand and holds our extra things! My best advice when moving in is to move around your furniture first and find a layout that gives you the most space.


What’s your favorite part of your pretty + pink bedroom?

My favorite part of my bedroom has to be my bed! I love that it has a luxe vibe that makes me feel like I’m in a hotel and not in a dorm room. It’s super comfy and cute- the perfect combo! I spend a lot of time in it sleeping, watching Netflix, even studying sometimes!

Step 3: College Life

Choosing a college can be tough, how did you decide to go to St. John’s University?

I decided to go to St. John’s after I visited the campus. I loved the location and its proximity to NYC but also the suburban-feeling neighborhood that it’s located in.

As a marketing major, I knew NYC would be a great place to go to college and have great internship and job opportunities. I love being a train ride away from endless opportunities, whether career-wise or just going out to eat or seeing a show!

What do you enjoy most about living on campus?

I love being close to everything I need. It’s really convenient to live on campus, especially if you are involved in athletics or extracurriculars! Freshman year, I was a cheerleader, and I needed to be on campus 24/7. It saved me a long commute and gave me more time to study (or sleep!).

As a junior, my classes are more difficult, so it’s important to be around all the resources on campus. I know I can meet anyone to work on a group project, stop by the library to read a textbook, or go to the career office to get help with my resume.

Spill! What are your top three favorite things to do in NYC?

One of my favorite things to do in the city is explore. I’ve been living in NYC for three years and I still haven’t seen it all! I also love to eat- there are so many different restaurants and eateries in the city and I want to try them all, and meeting friends for dinner in the city is a great way to get together and try new things! One of my favorite spots in the city is Brooklyn! I love going to Brooklyn bridge park in the evening to watch the sunset and walk across the bridge as the city lights turn on!


What advice would you give to your freshman year self?

I would definitely tell myself that it’s really important to try new things! My first year in college I didn’t get involved in anything except being on the cheerleading team. But since then I’ve joined the fashion club, got two internships, started a blog, and studied abroad!