DIY: But First, Coffee Bar

Set Up The Foundation

Organize and stylize. Set up the base of your coffee bar with this stylish storage unit that is compact and ready for easy clean up. It’s three drawers are the perfect hideaway for those midnight snacks or knick knacks around your room.


It is small and compact so you can squeeze in an unused nook or at the foot of your bed. Next, place your coffee machine on top and get ready to accessorize!

Add The Fixings

A coffee bar would not be complete without all the fixings. The Trigg Wall Vessels’ modern look creates a unique design element  house your sugars and tea packets. Using Command™ Clear Medium Hooks makes it easy to hang these modern pieces, damage-free!


Feel free to arrange this set of two in the way that suits your space best.

Hang The Essentials

Choose several of your favorite decorative mugs to be displayed from the Command™ Clear Medium Hooks. Determine the spacing needed for each mug before mounting the hooks to ensure adequate spacing.


Simply, remove the black liner from the adhesive strip and press strip to the wall. Then, remove the blue liner and press the hook to the wall for 30 seconds. Wait one hour, then hang away!


Wait one hour, then hang away!

Decorate With Personality

Waking up and heading to your coffee bar in the morning wouldn’t be complete without a proper hello. This fun wall decor piece will greet you wherever you put it. Lastly, nothing is better for staying up and staying true to yourself than an espresso.


Hang this print with Command™ Poster Strips to bring your whole coffee bar look together. You’ll be wanting to jump out of bed to start your day with a coffee bar that looks this good.



DIY: Pom Pom Photo Garland

Step 1

Gather all of your favorite pictures that you want to display. We recommend keeping all of the images around the same size and shape to achieve a more uniform look.


Be creative and choose to keep all of the photos in a similar color scheme (black and white, blue tones, etc) Play around with it until you find a group of pictures that you are happy with! (We recommend having 8-10 photos)

Step 2

Once you have all of your pictures, you’re going to get your Command™ Clear Small Hooks prepped to be placed on the wall. Before any application, make sure to wipe down your walls with a bit of rubbing alcohol to ensure maximum adhesion!


Once both the wall and hooks are ready, you can begin the installation following Command™ instructions on the back of the packaging. We suggest placing the hooks around four feet apart. If you want to make a multi-tiered display, keep each tier about a foot apart.

Step 3

After you have your hooks in place, it’s time to hang your garland! Simply drape the garland over the hooks and make sure the parts that are left hanging are equal in length on both sides.


If your garland is having trouble staying in place, you can always tie the excess hanging string an extra time around the hook to help prevent any slipping!

Step 4

Now that your garland is in place, it’s time to hang your pictures! Before you begin any hanging, make sure all of your pom poms are equidistant from each other to help give the whole display a neater look.


Afterwards, simply take the clothes pins and pin your pictures in between the pom poms. 

Step 5

Although this step is completely optional, we recommend adding a few prints or even a wooden sign to your wall display to help complete the look and really make it a focal point of the room. Stick with the black and white theme and add black and white prints to either side, or add in a pop of color that matches the rest of your color scheme.


This Pom Pom Picture Garland is an adorable way to display your favorite photos, all while creating a statement piece in your room! If you do decide to create this DIY at home, make sure to share your photos and tag @Dormify and @Commandbrand.



DIY: Chic Ombre Flower Wall


First, decide what color flowers you would like to use for your ombre design, taking into account what hues will best accent your space. We also recommend keeping all of the flowers similar in size to help keep the overall look cleaner in appearance.


If you do choose to use flowers of various sizes, try to keeping them in a descending or ascending pattern according to how big they are.


Next, organize the layout of your strands. Choose how many rows of flowers you would like, as well as how long you want each row to be. We recommend around 10 rows, each consisting of 9 to 11 flowers. Each row should start with the darkest color and fade into the lightest color flower (or vice versa), and consist of somewhere between 9 to 11 flowers.


You can either have each string with the same number of flowers. To give a different dimension,  you can make the wall a little uneven by varying the number of flowers on each string.


Now, cut 10 pieces of clear string making sure they are all around the same length. Make sure to cut each string a few inches longer than you want the finished product to be, as the length of the string will shrink each time you go to fasten it on a flower.


You can now begin tying the flowers onto the string. Starting with the first planned out row of flowers, wrap the clear string around the area of the flower where the stem and petals meet and tie a double knot. If the flower does not feel sturdy around the string, you can wrap the string around a few of the bottom petals for more support. Always make sure to tie a second knot to ensure it stays taut.  


Leave about three inches of string before wrapping and tying the next flower. Continue with this step until all 9 to 11 flowers are tied onto the clear string.


**If your string is too short and you still have more flowers to add, rewrap and tie the last flower with a new piece of string and continue on with the new piece of string.


Following the directions on the back of the packaging, hang ten Command™ Clear Medium Hooks onto the upper wall in a horizontal line, keeping them equidistance. Finally, take each string of flowers and tie the top of each string in a double knot around each command hook.


Your chic ombre flower wall is now in full bloom!



DIY: Boho Accessory Wall

Create A Display

If you’re in need of some major accessory organization then you will  love this sunglass rack. The Command™ Quartz Picture Ledge is the perfect addition to any accessory wall.


Following the instructions on the back of the packaging, center the ledges right above your dresser and space them about 6 inches apart from each other. Next, place your sunnies on your new sleek rack.

Organize + Accessorize

Command™ Clear Small Hooks are the perfect tool to showcase your favorite accessories on open walls. Every bohemian has a fair share of hats…


After those are all perfectly in place, it’s time to add your last wall piece, the Command™ Jewelry and Scarf Rack. This product is super cute and perfect for hanging all of your necklaces. Place the rack to the bottom right of your wooden sign for easy reach.


If you want even more hanging space, take the Command™Decorative Knobs and install them onto the side of your dresser! You can simply place one on, or maybe even a few in a row. These knobs are perfect for hanging any light bags or scarves that you may have.

Set Your Vanity

Once you’re done hanging everything, it’s time to pair your wall decor with an equally trendy set on the top of your dresser. Create a faux tray with your Balihai Placemat for a spot to display all of  your favorite beauty accessories in an adorable fashion, while also allowing for easy access to all of your best  products.


Take your vanity to the next level with a few other decor pieces such as our Trigg Desktop Vessel, a small mirror, or even some cute succulents. This will help tie everything together and make you feel boho ready every morning!

Take a second to make sure everything is perfectly in place, and voila- you now have a totally trendy and bohemian styled accessory display! Trust us, your room will definitely be the envy of all of your friends.



Create A Desk for Getting Things Done

Create A Mood Board

Make your Pinterest boards come to life with this wire bulletin board DIY. Pick up some wire grid fencing and using wire cutters, cut a square or rectangle that measures the right size for your workspace.


Using Command™ Clear Small Wire Hook, hang the wire board level above your desk. Now style away by using clothespins to hang your favorite photos, quotes, and inspiration.

Invest in Chic Storage

Since most small spaces and dorm rooms don’t come with built-in storage (bonus if yours does), make sure you invest in stylish storage. Free up premium desk space by adding a Command™ Picture Ledge to hold those coveted and chic desk accessories.


Taking multiple classes a semester usually means lots of notebooks and papers. To keep clutter away from your desk, hang the contemporary Strum Wall Organizer with Command™ Clear Medium Hooks. From magazines and books to your cell phone or wallet, this chic brass shelf can hold it all and make your workspace look super chic.

Organize Vertically

Command™ hooks are our favorite solution for decorating and organizing vertically in a small space. The clear hooks blend in seamlessly allowing you to show what matters most, your decor, not how it’s hung up.


Hang a chic pair of gold scissors or any other desk accessory to clear up valuable working space.

Make It Personal

Now for the fun part – adding those finishing touches that makes your desk space uniquely yours. Add a canvas banner using Command™ Clear Small Wire Hook to help remind you that every day is a chance to do something awesome. Lastly, choose a print that matches your attitude and inspires you and hang it with Command™ Poster Strips.


Designing a girl boss desk will not only make you feel a little more organized and productive but will inspire you to make your dreams seem a little bit closer to reality.



Create A Vanity To Glam Up Your Morning Routine

Create a Multi-Functional Space

If you want to make the most of your small space, invest in furniture that has more than one function. Not only does this vanity space allow you to look flawless every morning, it can also function as a desk.


Add a mirror above your vanity for your morning primping and to create visual interest with the illusion of more space.

Organize with Style

Command™ Quartz Display Ledges are the perfect damage-free wall solution for creating an artful and organized wall space in a rental apartment. Simply place the adhesive strip onto each mounting base of the ledge and remove the black liner. Using a level or the level app on your phone, place the ledge to the wall making sure it’s straight and press for 10 seconds!


These ledges are great for displaying your favorite cosmetics and accessories without taking up valuable surface area on the vanity.

Decorate With Personality

Elevate your vanity space by incorporating art as a reflection of your personality and style. Live in a rental? Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your favorite pieces on your walls. Command Poster Strips are the best solution to hang art without putting any holes in the wall (and getting your security deposit back!)


All you have to do is remove the red liners and press strips firmly onto the back of the poster. Then, remove black liners and press each strip firmly to wall for 30 seconds.

Display With Purpose

When square footage is limited, look to your walls! Working vertically is the best way to make the most of your space. Command Decorative Knobs and hooks are perfect for putting hats, bags, scarfs, and jewelry on display.