The Most Common Decorating Questions Our Co-Founder Is Asked—Answered

Your decorating questions answered!

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Designing your first home away from home can be overwhelming. We’ve been there, so to help you on move-in day we’ve enlisted the help of our co-founder, Amanda Zuckerman, to weigh in on the most common questions (and fears!) from our customers.

What is best way to hang posters and wall decor without damaging the wall and getting my security deposit back?

Command™ products should be your bff! They make decorating quick and easy. They’re perfect for hanging schedules, posters, calendars and pictures without frames, or as an alternative to double-sided tape. They hold strongly to wood, tile, metal and painted surfaces, yet remove cleanly when used correctly – leaving behind no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains.

How should I fill a large blank wall?

A bare wall is the perfect canvas for creative wall decorating ideas. Some of our favorite ways include mixing and matching your favorite prints and art pieces into a gallery wall, hanging a tapestry, covering your wall with temporary wallpaper, or making a statement with an oversized canvas. Get creative, the possibilities are endless!

How do I layer throw pillows in different patterns, colors, and textures?

To start, pick a foundation pillow like a euro pillow that sets the tone for the rest of your look. Pick a neutral or a color/pattern you love. Next, add a texture whether it’s faux fur or a woven pillow to bring extra dimension to your bed. Lastly, make it pop with complimenting pattern or a color to really make it pop! We usually recommend 3-5 decorative pillows for a twin bed. Check out how to mix and match pillows like a pro on Dormify’s Inspo.

Our painted medallion duvet set styled with a pink fuzzy pillow, hello beautiful perfume pillow, and some wall prints for a sweet and chic look

How do you decorate with roommates?

Before going shopping, have a chat with your roommate about how you’d like to decorate. You can be super honest, but also be willing to compromise. One of my favorite ways to collaborate with a roommate is to create a shared board on Pinterest and start pinning anything that inspires you, favorite decor pieces you’d like to pick up for your room, and patterns or themes that make you swoon. Dormify’s Pinterest page is a good place to start.

How do I style a gallery wall?

First decide on a color scheme or theme before you start purchasing artwork. For example, a collection of motivational messages or a gold and pink color theme. Next, plan out the gallery placement. I like to lay all my prints on the floor and play with the arrangement until it’s perfect. Lastly, start hanging! Place your largest piece first and begin building outward with smaller art pieces. This is where a level comes in handy, but you can also have a friend stand on the other side of the room to make sure that everything looks even.

If you need some inspiration, check out Dormify’s INSPO page or our video tutorials.

How do I hang a tapestry in a dorm?

For tapestries, use Command Hooks if there are tabs for hanging. If you’re tapestry does not have loops, take a piece of string and staple a small loop to the back of the tapestry and use the loops to hang on Command hooks.


I am going across the country for school and can’t pack or bring picture frames or anything too big. Any idea to spice up my wall without taking space in my suitcase?

Washi tape is the best accessory for bare walls. It is easily removable and adds a fashionable frame to all your favorite photos or prints.

How do I organize all my stuff into the tiny closet space without making it look cluttered?

Your dorm room will most likely come standard with a closet and a dresser. The size of the closet will vary depending on which dorm you are in, so you might have a small closet or one twice that size. Check your college’s residence life website to be sure. Regardless of the size of your closet, use closet organizers to maximize your space. If you have a lot of hanging clothes, buy clothes hangers with hooks on the front. With these, you use the hook to hang an additional hanger, which can double the capacity of your closet!

Hanging sweater organizers with shelves create a lot of space in your closet, too. Don’t forget about under the bed! Use under the bed storage boxes and shoe boxes to make even more space.

Do I need to bring lamps or lighting stuff?

Most dorm rooms come standard with fluorescent lighting, which isn’t always the most flattering for your space. We recommend bringing at least a desk lamp, but it can be nice to have a lamp on your dresser or nightstand too! String lights strung around the ceiling are also a stylish touch.

I’m looking for inspiration to decorate my space. Where can I find ideas?

Dormify’s Design Plan is a great place to start! Based on your answers to a few questions, the experts at Dormify will give you personalized dorm design recommendations. You can also check out our collections for stylish bedding sets that are already perfectly coordinated to make shopping easy. Looking for more inspiration? Dormify’s Inspo, Pinterest, and Instagram are fantastic resources for dorm decor and more!

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