DIY: Chic Ombre Flower Wall

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Allow your space to bloom with style with a chic flower wall that fades from one color to the next.


First, decide what color flowers you would like to use for your ombre design, taking into account what hues will best accent your space. We also recommend keeping all of the flowers similar in size to help keep the overall look cleaner in appearance.


If you do choose to use flowers of various sizes, try to keeping them in a descending or ascending pattern according to how big they are.


Next, organize the layout of your strands. Choose how many rows of flowers you would like, as well as how long you want each row to be. We recommend around 10 rows, each consisting of 9 to 11 flowers. Each row should start with the darkest color and fade into the lightest color flower (or vice versa), and consist of somewhere between 9 to 11 flowers.


You can either have each string with the same number of flowers. To give a different dimension,  you can make the wall a little uneven by varying the number of flowers on each string.


Now, cut 10 pieces of clear string making sure they are all around the same length. Make sure to cut each string a few inches longer than you want the finished product to be, as the length of the string will shrink each time you go to fasten it on a flower.


You can now begin tying the flowers onto the string. Starting with the first planned out row of flowers, wrap the clear string around the area of the flower where the stem and petals meet and tie a double knot. If the flower does not feel sturdy around the string, you can wrap the string around a few of the bottom petals for more support. Always make sure to tie a second knot to ensure it stays taut.  


Leave about three inches of string before wrapping and tying the next flower. Continue with this step until all 9 to 11 flowers are tied onto the clear string.


**If your string is too short and you still have more flowers to add, rewrap and tie the last flower with a new piece of string and continue on with the new piece of string.


Following the directions on the back of the packaging, hang ten Command™ Clear Medium Hooks onto the upper wall in a horizontal line, keeping them equidistance. Finally, take each string of flowers and tie the top of each string in a double knot around each command hook.


Your chic ombre flower wall is now in full bloom!




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