DIY: Pom Pom Photo Garland

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Why sloppily throw your pictures up on the wall when you can easily incorporate them into a trendy display!

Step 1

Gather all of your favorite pictures that you want to display. We recommend keeping all of the images around the same size and shape to achieve a more uniform look.


Be creative and choose to keep all of the photos in a similar color scheme (black and white, blue tones, etc) Play around with it until you find a group of pictures that you are happy with! (We recommend having 8-10 photos)

Step 2

Once you have all of your pictures, you’re going to get your Command™ Clear Small Hooks prepped to be placed on the wall. Before any application, make sure to wipe down your walls with a bit of rubbing alcohol to ensure maximum adhesion!


Once both the wall and hooks are ready, you can begin the installation following Command™ instructions on the back of the packaging. We suggest placing the hooks around four feet apart. If you want to make a multi-tiered display, keep each tier about a foot apart.

Step 3

After you have your hooks in place, it’s time to hang your garland! Simply drape the garland over the hooks and make sure the parts that are left hanging are equal in length on both sides.


If your garland is having trouble staying in place, you can always tie the excess hanging string an extra time around the hook to help prevent any slipping!

Step 4

Now that your garland is in place, it’s time to hang your pictures! Before you begin any hanging, make sure all of your pom poms are equidistant from each other to help give the whole display a neater look.


Afterwards, simply take the clothes pins and pin your pictures in between the pom poms. 

Step 5

Although this step is completely optional, we recommend adding a few prints or even a wooden sign to your wall display to help complete the look and really make it a focal point of the room. Stick with the black and white theme and add black and white prints to either side, or add in a pop of color that matches the rest of your color scheme.


This Pom Pom Picture Garland is an adorable way to display your favorite photos, all while creating a statement piece in your room! If you do decide to create this DIY at home, make sure to share your photos and tag @Dormify and @Commandbrand.




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