Create A Desk for Getting Things Done

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Start your year off right by creating a girlboss-grade workspace. Come finals week when everyone’s in the library, you’ll truly appreciate your quiet study oasis.

Create A Mood Board

Make your Pinterest boards come to life with this wire bulletin board DIY. Pick up some wire grid fencing and using wire cutters, cut a square or rectangle that measures the right size for your workspace.


Using Command™ Clear Small Wire Hook, hang the wire board level above your desk. Now style away by using clothespins to hang your favorite photos, quotes, and inspiration.

Invest in Chic Storage

Since most small spaces and dorm rooms don’t come with built-in storage (bonus if yours does), make sure you invest in stylish storage. Free up premium desk space by adding a Command™ Picture Ledge to hold those coveted and chic desk accessories.


Taking multiple classes a semester usually means lots of notebooks and papers. To keep clutter away from your desk, hang the contemporary Strum Wall Organizer with Command™ Clear Medium Hooks. From magazines and books to your cell phone or wallet, this chic brass shelf can hold it all and make your workspace look super chic.

Organize Vertically

Command™ hooks are our favorite solution for decorating and organizing vertically in a small space. The clear hooks blend in seamlessly allowing you to show what matters most, your decor, not how it’s hung up.


Hang a chic pair of gold scissors or any other desk accessory to clear up valuable working space.

Make It Personal

Now for the fun part – adding those finishing touches that makes your desk space uniquely yours. Add a canvas banner using Command™ Clear Small Wire Hook to help remind you that every day is a chance to do something awesome. Lastly, choose a print that matches your attitude and inspires you and hang it with Command™ Poster Strips.


Designing a girl boss desk will not only make you feel a little more organized and productive but will inspire you to make your dreams seem a little bit closer to reality.




Our philosophy, inspiration and products are all meant to spark your imagination. After all, you only have four years of college. You shouldn’t settle for less than the best when it comes to discovering your style or designing your space. Dormify aims to inspire college students to explore and embrace their style both inside and outside their dorm rooms. We want YOU to be the tastemakers in small space interior design.