How To Move In Like A Boss

So you're thinking about packing for college-- and that mountain of clothes in your closet is starting to look like Everest. Let the pros at Dormify show you how it's done.

Ana Buling //

This is the best advice you’ll ever get on packing for college – trust me, after four years of this, I’m a pro. You wont get any advice here about how to not overpack, but I will tell you how to overpack well.

1. Don't Bring A Ton of Suitcases


First of all, when I see people pack in suitcases, I literally go insane. How many suitcases do you need while in college? I don’t bring any for move-in, but most people only need one. Packing your stuff in suitcases only causes extra unnecessary bulk. Besides, they’re heavy and not easy to load and unload AND when you get there you have to unpack… I’m trying to minimize the time you spend doing stuff, so here’s what you do…


Buy Ziploc storage bags in XL and XXL (you can find them in Target and Walmart). Fold stuff that will be going in your drawers at college and place in Ziploc bag. Put stuff that’s going in the same drawer together. The bags are super easy to put into the car, adjust to the shape of the car, and when you get to college, just take the stuff out (it’s already folded!) and place in drawers! The XXL bags are also amazing for pillows, comforters and blankets/throws.

2. Use Garment Bags


All of your freshly dry-cleaned stuff is wrinkled by move-in time.


Buy garment bags or you can even use large trash bags. Place hanging items in the bags. Once you’ve loaded the car with all your other stuff, place garment bags on top. Take garment bags out and hang in the closet. Unzip or rip the bags at your convenience.

3. Multi-functional Storage


You don’t know where to put all the little accessories and make-up you need so it doesn’t get lost and is easy to unpack.


Here, there are multiple strategies. One, I use these storage carts with drawers at college and at home. I keep socks, etc. in one and accessories such as belts, sunglasses, and jewelry in the other. They roll, so just organize, roll into car, out of car and place in dorm! No unpacking, and everything is in place.

I also love these big bins. I use them to store towels and sheets at college, but for the trip over, I store the linens in a Ziploc, and put all my toiletries and makeup in the bin. All of the toiletries and makeup are already organized in smaller bins and bags, so it’s really easy to just take them out and place them in the dorm.

And finally, for my bags and shoes, I pack them in boxes and totes. I keep all of my bags and some of my shoes in dust bags year round, so I pack the bags and shoes I wear least in these super cute cloth storage boxes from the Container Store. They zip up and fit under your bed for easy access, so no unpacking there! (You can also put a sticky note on them so you know what’s in each box!)

Ana Buling

I'm a junior at the George Washington University, where I am pursuing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and am a reporter for The Hatchet, an independent student newspaper. I am currently an intern at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and have previously interned for Amnesty International and United Macedonian Diaspora. During my freshman year, I started the GWU section of the popular blog and was a "Fashion Guru" for a year before moving on to personal blogging. I have also worked for Fashion Week D.C. and am avidly interested in everything stylish and beautiful. I am a proud graduate of Teen Vogue Fashion University and never been more starstruck then when I was in the same room as Anna Wintour. I love to travel - I am from Serbia and Macedonia and split my time between Europe and the U.S. while growing up. My interests also include professional Latin Ballroom Dancing, any kind of performing arts, doing anything creative, documentary filmmaking and, of course, shopping.