How To Style A Desk 3 Ways: The Blogger, The Fashionista & The Bohemian

Pair your new gallery wall with some acrylic and gold accents and a pop of pink for a gilded look with a touch of glamour

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You are an ambitious go-getter who likes to GSD and your desk is probably a space you spend a lot more time in than you’d like to admit. Adding some major style into your workplace will definitely improve those long days and nights working or studying. So whether you’re an aspiring blogger or all about the simple things, get inspired with these productive and pretty spaces.

1. The Blogger

Classic style with a modern twist, this desk space is made for the aspiring blogger with fun yet coordinating taste. Pair vibrant accessories with simple desk organizers and gold accents for a bright and creative look.


2. The Fashionista

Channel your inner fashionista with classic black and white paired with pale pinks and gold accents. This gilded look will make you feel like the ultimate girl boss.


3. The Bohemian

Transport yourself right into the distinct styling of festivals like Coachella with natural hues and copper accents. This free-spirited vibe will keep you motivated and calm even through those dreaded all-nighters.



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