The Ultimate Freshman Planning Guide

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Summer is almost here, and with its arrival come beach days, long nights, bonfires, and lasting memories with friends and family. But, perhaps the most exciting part of this summer—getting ready for your first year of college! This fall, you’ll embark on a completely new adventure—not the same school whose halls you’ve walked everyday for four years. With it comes the chance to meet new people, experience new places, and make new memories along the way. It’s exciting, but we know it can be both intimidating and a bit overwhelming.

We’ve all been there. College is an opportunity to learn about yourself, but it doesn’t come without a little struggle here and there. Having come out the other end of those wonderful four years with only a couple bumps and bruises, we at Dormify will be here to help you prepare for the next phase of your life. We’re back with our third annual Ultimate Freshman Planning Guide, and there have been a few key changes since last year’s edition.

The guide is broken down week by week, demonstrating what should be tackled within each time frame. It covers everything from your last few weeks of senior year to your last week at home before move-in day. We’ll post and elaborate upon each step on our blog throughout the summer, giving you a broken down and detailed guide to starting your freshman year in one piece. Make sure to check in periodically so you don’t miss any valuable tips and tricks!

Happy planning!

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