DIY: Boho Accessory Wall

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Create a trendy and bohemian styled accessory display with few simple steps.

Create A Display

If you’re in need of some major accessory organization then you will  love this sunglass rack. The Command™ Quartz Picture Ledge is the perfect addition to any accessory wall.


Following the instructions on the back of the packaging, center the ledges right above your dresser and space them about 6 inches apart from each other. Next, place your sunnies on your new sleek rack.

Organize + Accessorize

Command™ Clear Small Hooks are the perfect tool to showcase your favorite accessories on open walls. Every bohemian has a fair share of hats…


After those are all perfectly in place, it’s time to add your last wall piece, the Command™ Jewelry and Scarf Rack. This product is super cute and perfect for hanging all of your necklaces. Place the rack to the bottom right of your wooden sign for easy reach.


If you want even more hanging space, take the Command™Decorative Knobs and install them onto the side of your dresser! You can simply place one on, or maybe even a few in a row. These knobs are perfect for hanging any light bags or scarves that you may have.

Set Your Vanity

Once you’re done hanging everything, it’s time to pair your wall decor with an equally trendy set on the top of your dresser. Create a faux tray with your Balihai Placemat for a spot to display all of  your favorite beauty accessories in an adorable fashion, while also allowing for easy access to all of your best  products.


Take your vanity to the next level with a few other decor pieces such as our Trigg Desktop Vessel, a small mirror, or even some cute succulents. This will help tie everything together and make you feel boho ready every morning!

Take a second to make sure everything is perfectly in place, and voila- you now have a totally trendy and bohemian styled accessory display! Trust us, your room will definitely be the envy of all of your friends.




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