DIY: But First, Coffee Bar

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If you can't get your day started without a steaming cup of joe, this one is for you.

Set Up The Foundation

Organize and stylize. Set up the base of your coffee bar with this stylish storage unit that is compact and ready for easy clean up. It’s three drawers are the perfect hideaway for those midnight snacks or knick knacks around your room.


It is small and compact so you can squeeze in an unused nook or at the foot of your bed. Next, place your coffee machine on top and get ready to accessorize!

Add The Fixings

A coffee bar would not be complete without all the fixings. The Trigg Wall Vessels’ modern look creates a unique design element  house your sugars and tea packets. Using Command™ Clear Medium Hooks makes it easy to hang these modern pieces, damage-free!


Feel free to arrange this set of two in the way that suits your space best.

Hang The Essentials

Choose several of your favorite decorative mugs to be displayed from the Command™ Clear Medium Hooks. Determine the spacing needed for each mug before mounting the hooks to ensure adequate spacing.


Simply, remove the black liner from the adhesive strip and press strip to the wall. Then, remove the blue liner and press the hook to the wall for 30 seconds. Wait one hour, then hang away!


Wait one hour, then hang away!

Decorate With Personality

Waking up and heading to your coffee bar in the morning wouldn’t be complete without a proper hello. This fun wall decor piece will greet you wherever you put it. Lastly, nothing is better for staying up and staying true to yourself than an espresso.


Hang this print with Command™ Poster Strips to bring your whole coffee bar look together. You’ll be wanting to jump out of bed to start your day with a coffee bar that looks this good.




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