Create A Vanity To Glam Up Your Morning Routine

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Trying to get out the door on time in the morning can be stressful, especially in a small space. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Command™ Brand to create a vanity to give your morning makeup routine its own special place.

Create a Multi-Functional Space

If you want to make the most of your small space, invest in furniture that has more than one function. Not only does this vanity space allow you to look flawless every morning, it can also function as a desk.


Add a mirror above your vanity for your morning primping and to create visual interest with the illusion of more space.

Organize with Style

Command™ Quartz Display Ledges are the perfect damage-free wall solution for creating an artful and organized wall space in a rental apartment. Simply place the adhesive strip onto each mounting base of the ledge and remove the black liner. Using a level or the level app on your phone, place the ledge to the wall making sure it’s straight and press for 10 seconds!


These ledges are great for displaying your favorite cosmetics and accessories without taking up valuable surface area on the vanity.

Decorate With Personality

Elevate your vanity space by incorporating art as a reflection of your personality and style. Live in a rental? Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your favorite pieces on your walls. Command Poster Strips are the best solution to hang art without putting any holes in the wall (and getting your security deposit back!)


All you have to do is remove the red liners and press strips firmly onto the back of the poster. Then, remove black liners and press each strip firmly to wall for 30 seconds.

Display With Purpose

When square footage is limited, look to your walls! Working vertically is the best way to make the most of your space. Command Decorative Knobs and hooks are perfect for putting hats, bags, scarfs, and jewelry on display.




Our philosophy, inspiration and products are all meant to spark your imagination. After all, you only have four years of college. You shouldn’t settle for less than the best when it comes to discovering your style or designing your space. Dormify aims to inspire college students to explore and embrace their style both inside and outside their dorm rooms. We want YOU to be the tastemakers in small space interior design.