DIY: Boho Rose Garland

Dormify //

Bring wild and free vibes into your bedroom by creating a misty rose garland to hang over your desk. Pair it with earthy tones, fringe, rustic accents, and a touch of pink to create that boho, girly look that is the essence of carefree style.

Step 1

Cut the flowers off from the stalks, leaving about an inch at the bottom of the flower.

Step 2-3

  • Double knot the string along the base of the stem. To make sure it is secure, I wrapped the string underneath the base leaves of the flower.
  • Continue tying the rose buds to the strings about 4 inches apart from one another.

Step 4

Take the banner anchors and place them on each side of your desk, following the packaging instructions.

Step 5

Simply wrap the string around the specially designed hook for a secure hold. We strung the garland loosely to give that whimsical feel.

Step 6

Take three pieces of ivory yarn that measure about a foot and a half longer than your garland. Wrap the string around the hook and loosely braid the ends. This adds some dimension and texture to your look.


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