DIY: Hello Wall Art Display

Dormify //

Step 1 - 4

  • Pick a word with sentimental importance or just something that looks stunning hanging on the wall. We chose hello because it was the perfect length of letters for the space and a great welcome.
  • Next, plot it out and mark the dimensions of the design with a pencil.
  • Sketch out the lighting plan right on the wall lightly with a pencil or wall chalk.
  • Take the light clips and start adhering them to the wall along your sketched design. Make sure to press each clip firmly to the wall for 30 seconds so they are secure.

Step 5

Plug in your lights and start clipping the string lights at the side of the design closest to your outlet.

Step 6

Follow your design and continue to clip the lights. Before you know it, you have your own sparkling piece of art!



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