How to Style Your Bedroom With Millennial Pink

Get inspired by Dormify's favorite ways to style this new muted millennial favorite. 

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We’ve been seeing “Millennial Pink” everywhere—from runways to home décor, and we don’t see this trend going anywhere anytime soon—and we’re 100% okay with that! Both subtle and dramatic, it’s the new must-have neutral. Add one or several shades to your space for a dynamic, sophisticated look that brings softness, warmth, and a hint of femininity.

1. Pretty in Pink Bedding

Give your bedroom a warm and inviting feel with the sweet shades of a pastel pink ombre duvet cover. It is the perfect hue of pink without being too girly.


While this spirited style has soft feminine tones, the vibrant and sleek design can work from a modern to bohemian space.

2. Textured Pillows

Changing out pillows is our favorite way to update a space to create a glamorous edge, especially when it’s done in this sweet pastel shade.


Layer in mongolian or velvet accents in the lovely rose hue to warm up your look and instantly elevate your bedding style.

3. Serene Desk Accessories

Transform your vanity or workspace into a millennial pink haven with a few decor accents like the Digit Desk Unit or the Edison Letter Bin to keep your workspace clutter contained.


To really live that rose-colored life, add a pink faux mongolian rug to your desk chair for a sweet, romantic, and cozy ambiance. This trick can turn any dull piece of furniture into a chic focal point.

4. Pop of Art

Ease into the millennial pink movement with a piece of playful wall art, like a wooden sign or a framed print. Replacing a few pieces of your gallery wall with the subtle prettiness of soft pink tones is the perfect way to add this trend into your space without a huge commitment or going overboard.


From big wall changes, to small decor details, there’s always a place for a little pop of pink.


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