Courtney Ratner’s West Village Loft

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Meet Courtney, brand coordinator for Who What Wear. She has turned her studio loft into a roomy home that will turn anyone into a believer of small space living.

The Basics

Name: Courtney Ratner


Career: Brand Coordinator @weworewhat @secondskinoveralls


Location: West Village, NYC


How long have you lived here?


Almost 1 year


You live with…


My Boyfriend


Your favorite part of your apartment?


The huge windows!

The Living Room

I really wanted to create a cozy space because this is where I spend most of my time in my loft. You can see I used a lot of neutral colors and I had a white couch.


Going with neutral colors, and I tried to mix it up with different textures of my pillows and my rugTo add some texture to this chair, I draped a little mongolian rug over it. It’s so soft and amazing!


I’m also obsessed with plants so I bought as many fake plants as I could. My favorite is the banana leaf plant. But I also love this cactus neon light that I got from dormify. And I have some plants in the corner, and some more fake plants in the window.


I love out little eating area and our workspace. I love this fake plant charging station its amazing, and I also added another little rug on my chair to add some texture.




All the photos in the apartment, I bought off the street in New York by photographers. These two pieces are vintage Barbie and Kent and they’re awesome, I love them.


Another great thing about this apartment is that my kitchen is just hidden behind this door. So I can just close it and hide all the mess when I cook!

The Bedroom

So as you walk upstairs it’s our bedroom, and as you can see, I kept the colors super neutral like downstairs. And it’s actually a loft so you can see the living room from my bedroom which is awesome!


All of our pillows are from Dormify. I love everything faux fur and my throws are the softest! I could literally live in it. It’s amazing!


How is your style in fashion and home decor similar?


I would say that my sense in fashion and home decor is very similar. I always wear neutral colors, usually just jeans and a t-shirt, and all black as you can see.


So similar to fashion I mix a lot of highs and lows. Like this couch was an investment piece, but a lot of my accessories I get off the streets of new york or places like dormify!


What’s on the wishlist for your apartment?


So the next thing that I’m looking to do in this apartment is create a gallery wall for this huge wall and find a lot of cool art pieces.


Big closet or big counter space for makeup in your bathroom?


I personally don’t have a big closet or a big counter space in this apartment. But I would definitely rather have a big closet for all of my clothes!

Big bedroom or big living room?


So for me my space is kinda unique cuz my bedroom is upstairs. But I think it’s super important to have a big living space. I live with my boyfriend and we always have people over just to hangout and watch TV.


Small apartment prime location or big apartment and not as prime location?


Definitely small apartment and good location. 100 percent!


Neutrals or bright colors?


Obviously neutrals!


That’s a wrap! Thanks so much for coming over, you can dm apt by dormify if you have any more questions.


Instagram: @courtney_ratner


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