Olivia Muenter’s Upper East Side Oasis

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Meet Olivia, fashion & beauty editor at Bustle. A master of bright colors, Olivia brings sunny style to the Upper East Side.

The Basics


Name:  Olivia Muenter


Career: Fashion & beauty editor @bustle


Location: Upper East Side, NYC


How long have you lived here?


1 year


You live with…




Your favorite part of your apartment?



The Living Room


Favorite things:


  • One of the most unique parts of my apartment is that we have a working fireplace and we actually use it especially because it has been so cold out lately.


  • Our little sitting area has this amazing super soft blanket with braided detail and I’m obsessed with it! I also have all of my books, which I’ve color coordinated and I think it adds to the brightness of the space.


  • I love using bright rugs to add color to the apartment and these are actually two of my favorite parts of the entire space!

The Bedroom


  • One of my favorite ways to dress up an apartment heater is to decorate with photos with gold frames and a cool jewelry holder which I use to take my jewelry off right after work.


  • My dresser slash vanity area is where I keep all of my beauty products that I get at work since I’m a beauty editor. I also have a ton on my dresser because I clearly have a problem.


  • I love my duvet cover from Dormify. I was looking for something clean, but also comfortable and fluffy and it was just the perfect mix of everything that I wanted. I just added a pink pillow for a little bit of color.


  • Maybe the best part of my apartment is that it has an outdoor area which is ridiculously hard to find in New York City. We set it up with some lights and some seats and a little bar cart.



How does your experience in fashion and beauty influence your taste in home decor?


So because of my experience in fashion and beauty, I’m less afraid to try sort of wacky things in my apartment which makes it a lot more fun.


What was most important to you when creating this space?


We really wanted this space to be as cozy and as comfortable as possible.


Where did you get your design inspiration from


I love following Elsie Larson from the A Beautiful Mess blog. Her style is so bright and eclectic!


Do you task rabbit or do it yourself?



I definitely say DIY. I love doing weird projects. I spray painted this brackets for my bookshelf gold and I love it!


Real plants or fake plants?



I like both, but I would say real plants because I like the challenge of keeping them alive.


Outdoor space or closet space?



Because we have a dog, I would definitely say outdoor space.


Big kitchen or big bathroom?



I don’t have a big kitchen or a big bathroom, so I would take whatever we could get. But I would say big kitchen because I like to cook.


Favorite restaurant on the Upper East Side?


AOC east is a restaurant that’s right around the corner from my apartment and they have one dollar oysters all the time. I absolutely love it!


Favorite cup of coffee on the Upper East Side?


I drink a lot of coffee so for quantity over quality, I would say the coffee from my own kitchen.


Favorite hidden gem on the Upper East Side?


So there’s this German restaurant called Heidelberg which is really old and really weird but it’s delicious and they have great beer.


Thanks for touring my apartment!  I had a lot of fun and I hope you guys liked it 🙂


Instagram: @oliviamunter


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